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How do I know what bag material is right for me?

There are so many factors to consider when choosing the material and size of your product. The best way is to contact us and meet with one of our sales representatives who will help evaluate what the best solution is for your company.

I've heard that reusable bags can contaminate foods, is this true?

Yes. There is a risk that bacteria and dirt will be transferred to your groceries from previous spills and food contamination. We strongly recommend washing your reusable bags frequently. Wash in cold water on gentle, hang dry or tumble dry on cool. Do not use bleach or other chemicals in the washing process.

What kind of artwork can I have on my bag?

We use a variety of ways to transfer your design to the bags. Depending on your needs, you can choose from simple crisp and clean silkscreen to full vivid color lamination.

There were reports of reusable bags containing lead, are yours safe?

YES. Our bags have gone through testing to ensure that contaminants such as lead are well within the safe requirements.